Taking Care of Future Generations

The late Betty Jane Clover lived in Leesburg, Indiana for her entire life. She loved her hometown and its residents.

Betty graduated from Leesburg High School, and after marrying Reuben Clover, she became a homemaker.

Betty and Reuben kept busy in the community and taught Sunday School at the Leesburg Methodist Church.

Their values were evident in the fund Betty created at the Community Foundation. They loved children, though they never had any children of their own, animals and their community.

The Reuben F. and Betty Jane Clover Charitable Fund supports St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, the Animal Welfare League, the Leesburg United Methodist Church, Leesburg Fire Department and the Town of Leesburg.

Betty’s niece, Cathy Holbrook, said that Betty’s message to future generations would have been, “The Warsaw and Leesburg area is a wonderful community. Continue to take care of our wonderful resources for future generations.”