Fund Advisor Portal

Login HERE To Access Your Fund Advisor Portal.

How To Access Your Fund Advisor Portal

As a Fund Advisor, you have an online Fund Advisor Portal where you can access information about the funds you advise anytime, anywhere! Follow the steps below to log into the system or download our User Guide HERE

Establishing Your Password

The Community Foundation will send you login credentials and a link to access your Fund Advisor Portal via e-mail. This link will come from and is only valid for one use. Kosciusko County Community Foundation Fund Advisor Online Access Info will be referenced in the email subject line. It is recommended that you save to your safe sender’s list to avoid this going to junk mail.

Once you receive the e-mail, click the link, and you will be prompted to create your own password. Your password needs to be between 8-32 characters and must include at least one lower case letter, upper case letter, number, and special character (such as !, &, #, etc.). Once your password is created, navigate to the Home page at, click Fund Advisor Portal in the top right of the screen, enter your new credentials, and log in. If you forget your password, contact our office at 574-267-1901 to assist you. 

Navigating Your Fund Advisor Portal

If you advise multiple funds, you will be presented with a list of funds after you log in. Simply select the fund you would like to review to begin. Once you select the fund you would like to review, you will be brought to the Home page for that fund.


This tab shows a summary of the fund’s current balance plus the spendable balance, if applicable. Total contributions and grants are listed as well as the names of the fund advisors.

Choose Fund

This tab is visible if you are a fund advisor to other funds and allows you to return to the list of funds that you advise.


This tab shows all contributions or donations to the fund. Click on a contributor’s name to bring up contribution details. Note: the export button on the right will convert the information into an Excel file for you.


This tab shows the grant history of the fund. Scrolling down provides an itemized list of grants. Look for the word Complete in the status column to know the grant has been paid.

Grant Request (For Donor Advised Funds Only)

This tab allows you to recommend a grant from your Donor Advised Fund in any of the following ways:

  1. Choose From Previous Grantee: You can select previous grantees on the left side of  the screen using the drop down menu. You can recommend additional payments to any recipient previously paid from this fund using this tool.
  2. Other Foundation Funds: Using the drop down menu you can recommend a grant from your advised fund to other funds held at the Community Foundation.
  3. Search For Other Grantees: Use this feature to connect with a complete list of organizations that have a 501(c) 3 with the Internal Revenue Service. Type a nonprofits name in the box. Once the name of the organization appears, you can click “Create Request.”
  4. Enter Grantee Information Manually: You can manually enter information for your recommended organization.

Once the grantee information has been added, click the “Add to Grant Requests” button to complete the request. The request won’t be complete until the “Review & Submit” button has been clicked on the right side of your screen.

Grant Catalog

This section will launch later in 2024.


Statements related to the fund will appear under the Statements tab. Statements are generated twice annually during the months of January and July. If you require a statement at a different time or for a different time frame, please contact us at 574-267-1901, or e-mail

Fund Agreement

This tab includes a link to the fund agreement between the Community Foundation and the donor who established the fund.


Use this tab to close your current login session on the Fund Advisor Portal. We encourage you to logout when you are done accessing your fund.


Click HERE to download the Fund Advisor Portal User Guide.


Contact the Community Foundation at or call 574-267-1901 with questions about your Fund Advisor Portal.

Frequently Asked Questions

Upon visiting the Community Foundation website at, navigate to the top right of the screen. Click on Fund Advisor Portal.

Check your spam/junk folder for an e-mail from If you still do not receive it, contact the Community Foundation at 574-267-1901 to assist you.

The custom URL from the auto-generated email ( can only be used to establish your password the first time. To get to the log in page after this, please log in through our website,, by clicking on Fund Advisor Portal in the top right of the screen.

Your username is your email address. If you have forgotten your password, click Forgot Password on the login page. Enter your username and click the Reset Password button. If an account with the provided username is found, instructions to reset your password will be sent to the email address for that account. If you’re still having trouble, please contact us at 574-267-1901.

The current balance reflects investment activity and quarterly fees through the prior month end; as well as recent contributions and grants as listed in the portal.

The home tab shows a recent summary of donations and grants. To see a full history of grants from the fund, click on the Grants tab. To see a full history of donations to the fund, click on the Contributions tab.

You can expect to see statements posted to the portal twice annually during the months of January and July. If you require a statement at a different time or for a different time frame, please contact us at 574-267-1901, or email

The Community Foundation will alert you by e-mail each time a donation is made to or a grant is paid out from your fund.

Click the Profile link in the upper right area of your Fund Advisor Portal. You can click the Edit button to edit your login, address, e-mail, and phone. Additionally, you can change your Fund Advisor Portal password. Click the Save button to keep the changes.