Donor Resources

When you’re researching ways to give, you can never have too much information. Here are a few resources we believe you’ll find helpful.

Donor Learning Portal

The Community Foundation provides this valuable resource free of charge to our prospective and current donors.

Donor Advised Funds

Donor advisors can have 24/7 online access to fund information including fund balance & gift and grant history.


This tool is helpful for researching nonprofits you may be interested in donating to.

Indiana Philanthropy Alliance

Find information about philanthropy throughout the state of Indiana.

Transferring a Private Foundation

Private foundations can be a powerful way for an individual or family to create a philanthropic legacy.

Sample Bequest Language

Leaving a gift to charity in your will is easy! Here is some sample bequest language—simple language to help you leave a charitable legacy.

Language for IRA or insurance beneficiary designation
Beneficiary: Kosciusko County Community Foundation (Tax ID# 35-6086777) for the _____ Fund.


Language for Bequest
I give and bequeath ______(describe gift) to Kosciusko County Community Foundation, 102 E Market Street, Warsaw, IN, to be held as a component fund known as the ________ Fund. This fund was separately created for the charitable purposes agreed to by me and the Kosciusko County Community Foundation.

We would be honored to be your partner in philanthropy. If you or your professional advisor would like to learn more about our giving options, please contact us by calling 574-267-1901 or by emailing