A Commitment to Lifelong Learning

Helen Griffith was born in Fort Wayne on September 8, 1905.  After graduating college with a degree in Civil Engineering, she was employed by the United States Government as an architect for the Panama Canal Zone.  Helen, a very independent woman, was proud of the fact that she graduated from college and decided to take on a career in a time where women doing such things was unheard of.

After retiring, she moved to North Webster and lived for many years with her sister.  The Griffith sisters were active in the American Legion and community life in North Webster.    Helen never forgot the things that her father instilled in her, those being the value of a college education and a commitment to lifelong learning.  And in order to honor her father for those important qualities, she established the Chauncey L. Griffith Scholarship in his name.

Helen died on February 19, 1997.