Honoring hard working parents’ legacy

When Dale and Patty Pace decided to create a scholarship in honor of Patty’s parents, Henry and Martha Daniel, advice from friends led them to Kosciusko County Community Foundation. The Henry and Martha Daniel Memorial Scholarship Fund was established in 2022 to provide scholarship support to graduates of Tippecanoe Valley High School, where Dale taught music for 33 years.

Martha and Henry Daniel lived over 90 years in Monroe County, Indiana, where they ran a family farm. Henry also worked at the Bloomington Post Office for 34 years and drove school bus for 30 years. He passed away in 2015 at the age of 90.

The couple served as 4-H leaders for more than 60 years and farming was an important part of their lives. Together, Henry and Martha raised corn, oats, hay, beef and chickens. They also kept a half acre vegetable garden.

Henry’s father, John, was a homesteader, travelling to Kansas in a covered wagon with his parents, where they set up in a sod house.   John was raised on a farm and learned to farm with horses and later with modern equipment. He returned to Indiana as an adult to set up his own farm.

Patty credits her parents and their farming community with instilling in her strong values. “I had several mentors that believed in me. 4-H agents and leaders, recreation workshop leaders and instructors. Also, my dad instilled a love of animals. He taught me how to work with them. Mom taught me I can do anything,” recalls Patty.

Patty and Dale Pace are residents of Fulton County. They love the community here in Northern Indiana. “The small town feel of the area and the people that we come in contact with every day make this place special” says Patty.

During her career, Patty worked as a legal secretary and a court reporter. Dale, who completed his undergraduate degree at Ball State and his Master’s at Indiana University, South Bend, spent his career as a Choral Music teacher.

Both Patty and Dale served as 4-H leaders and are both retired 4-H judges. Patty is a member of the Home Extension, Indiana State Quilt Guild and Creative Threaders Quilt Club. She also enjoys reading, spending time in nature and her flower garden, traveling and her cats.

Dale is a talented watercolor and pen and ink artist. He loves to travel and enjoys spending time reading and woodworking. His biggest role models are his father and a special teacher. “My father taught me that nothing can keep you down and my high school band director led me to my career in music.”

The Paces hope the scholarship will inspire students to “believe in yourself, follow your heart and live your dreams.”