The Everett and Fern Besson Memorial Scholarship Fund

Everett Besson lived his entire life in Kosciusko County, and Fern moved to Kosciusko County from neighboring Fulton County during her Junior year of High School.  Both graduated from Mentone High School and remained in the county for the rest of their lives.

The Besson’s loved this area, and thought it was a good place to raise a family.  They had two lovely daughters, Janet (Mrs. Thomas Tucker) and Judy Besson Bowerman.  This area provided good fertile land for their farming operation and good solid community life, with thriving churches and excellent schools.

They believed in supporting their local community, and spent a lot of their free time volunteering at their church, the Bell Museum, the Senior Citizen Center and numerous other community organizations.  Their other hobbies include reading for Everett and knitting, quilting for Fern.

Everett and Fern’s children established the Everett and Fern Besson Memorial Scholarship Fund in their parents’ memory to provide financial assistance to students who are pursuing post secondary education in an area related to agriculture.

The Besson’s message to future generations in Kosciusko County would be:  “First of all, Love the Lord, secondly, Be Honest, and finally, Maintain a High Work Ethic.”