Grossnickle Eye Center Matches $1,900 Gift to Benefit Area Homeless Shelters

The staff at Grossnickle Eye Center recently donated $1,900 to benefit area homeless shelters in honor of the Grossnickle Eye Center doctors at Christmas. The Grossnickle Foundation equally used their Donor Advised Fund, held at the Kosciusko County Community Foundation, to match this donation by giving $700 to Fellowship Missions in Warsaw, $600 to Faith Mission in Elkhart, and $600 to the Center for Homeless in South Bend.

“Helping area homeless centers, especially during this time of year, means a lot to our team. We are so appreciative of our caring staff for leading the charge and making this possible in our communities,” said Diana Ostrom, Administrator at Grossnickle Eye Center.

The Grossnickle Foundation was created by funds from Doctors Paul, Steve and Bruce Grossnickle with the purpose of giving back to the communities that gave them so much.