Police K-9 Fund Available at Kosciusko County Community Foundation

Established in 2021 at the Kosciusko County Community Foundation, The Robert and Elizabeth Harkness Law Enforcement Canine Fund provides support for the acquisition, maintenance, and training of dogs for police departments serving Kosciusko County. The fund will support local police departments and be used to offset the costs of the police canines when a need arises.

“We have always had a special love for dogs,” said Elizabeth Harkness. “In learning that many police departments do not have the funds to cover all expenses needed to acquire and maintain police canines. We wanted to help.”

Police canines have had a critical impact on Kosciusko County and are used by local law enforcement agencies. From detecting narcotics, helping to locate missing individuals, identifying explosives, or providing therapy to those in need, the dogs are trained to keep our communities, and their handlers, safe.

According to the National Police Dog Foundation, with full training in patrol work and detection, law enforcement agencies can expect to pay approximately $15,000 per dog. The canines and their handlers go through extensive training and certifications, annually, to ensure they are prepared for complex situations. With the ability to detect a scent 700 more times than humans, the canines remain a critical member of the law enforcement teams.

“Our hope is that this fund at the Community Foundation will continue to grow as we support our local law enforcement canine programs,” said Robert and Elizabeth.

Gifts to the fund are accepted and can be made payable and mailed to the Kosciusko County Community Foundation, designed to the Robert and Elizabeth Harkness Law Enforcement Canine Fund, or given online.