Warsaw Dive Team Receives Grants from Local Foundations

The Warsaw Dive Team, consisting of divers from the Warsaw Police Department, the Kosciusko County Sheriff’s Department, and the Warsaw-Wayne Fire Territory, received grants in 2023 totaling $91,566 from K21 Health Foundation (K21) and Kosciusko County Community Foundation (KCCF) to support upgraded technology and replace faulty equipment. These improvements have helped the team to become more efficient during water-related emergencies in Kosciusko County. Funding was provided by K21 ($51,580), the Kosciusko Civil Services Fund held at KCCF ($35,000), and KREMC Operation Round Up ($4,986).

“These grants have improved the safety of our divers immensely while they are underwater by allowing them to spend more time and energy on the task at hand,” said RJ Nethaway, Detective Sergeant at the Warsaw Police Department.

Nethaway shared that, before these grants, many pieces of gear being worn by the divers were malfunctioning while the divers were underwater. The new equipment provides the divers with the ability to respond quicker during critical times, clear out potential underwater hazards in public beaches, illuminate areas while underwater, and increase diver safety.

The Warsaw Dive Team responded to 7 water related emergencies between February and October 2023 in Kosciusko County. In addition, the team provided more than 11 training sessions utilizing the new gear.

“We are so thankful for the support within our community that made these grants possible,” said Nethaway.